Players can purchase Artifacts in the store. Additionally, some Artifacts can be acquired by finishing quests, inviting friends, or by defeating boss monsters and dungeons.

Artifacts scale by level, so that new players can use only Copper varieties, while veteran players can use more powerful versions. Using artifacts requires an expenditure of Mana.

Axes Provide additional wood. Shop items copper axe Shop items bronze axe Shop items steel axe Shop items silver axe Shop items gold axe Shop items platinum axe Shop items verite axe Shop items valorite axe
Hammers Provide additional stone. Shop items copper hammer Shop items bronze hammer Shop items steel hammer Shop items silver hammer Shop items gold hammer Shop items platinum hammer Shop items verite hammer Shop items valorite hammer
Picks Provide additional iron. Shop items copper pike Shop items bronze pike Shop items steel pike Shop items silver pike Shop items gold pike Shop items platinum pike Shop items verite pike Shop items valorite pike
Sickles Provide additional food.
Shop items copper sickle
Shop items bronze sickle
Shop items steel sickle
Shop items silver sickle
Shop items gold sickle
Shop items platinum sickle
Shop items verite sickle
Shop items valorite sickle
Toolkits Provide additional wood, stone, iron and food.
Shop items copper toolkit
Chests Provide additional gold.
Shop items copper chest
Medallions Increase speed of contruction.
Shop items copper medallion
Amulets Increase speed of recruitment.
Shop items copper amulet
Shovels Increases construction speed for city.
Shop items copper shovel
Hourglasses Increases speed of moonstone acquisition. n/a n/a
Cornerstones Upgrade Town Hall and provides additional stone and wood. n/a n/a
Keys Upgrade Town Hall, provides additional stone and wood, and increases construction speed for city. n/a n/a
Horns Decreases travel time for unit movement.
Magical fanfare
Shop items bronze horn
Wheels Decreases travel time for overland trade movement. n/a
Shop items bronze wheel
Anchors Decreases travel time for naval trade movement. n/a
Shop items bronze anchor
Palace Arches Provide additional wood dedicated to the construction of palaces. n/a n/a n/a
Shop items silver arch
Palace Pillars Provide additional stone dedicated to the construction of palaces. n/a n/a n/a
Shop items silver pillar
Moon Orbs Provide additional moonstones. n/a n/a
Shop items platinum orb
Chisels Provide purified runestones. n/a n/a
Shop items steel chisel
Saws Provide purified darkwood. n/a n/a
Shop items steel saw
Crucibles Provide purified veritium. n/a n/a
Shop items steel crucible
Hoes Provide purified trueseed. n/a n/a
Shop items steel hoe
Orbs of Peace Protect from attack by other players. Also prevents you from attacking, including the raiding of dungeons. n/a
Magical Items Allows you to create, destroy, or move resource nodes within your city.
Magical splinter
Magical leaf
Magical sliver
Magical tear
Black powder
n/a n/a
Special Buildings Allows you to create special buildings within your city.
Tax collector
Large warehouse
City fountain
Harbor master
Dragons lair
Special Units Allows you to raise powerful special units.
Dragon egg
n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a

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