Clicking a member's name opens a menu offering the options: Whisper, Info, Send Mail and Ignore. The text within the text bar will change depending on your choice. Players who have won the Lord of Ultima quest have gold text in all-chat and a crown next to their name. The crown is Icon lou public other world Silver if said quest was won on another world, Icon lou public this world Gold for this world. It also appears in Whisper, but not in Alliance chat.

The LoU Tweak tool provides BB Code shortcuts and other features.

Chatting Within an Alliance Edit

Click on the alliance tab. This is where you will do most of your communications with the alliance.

Officer chatEdit

If you are ranked Officer or higher, there is a special tab for chatting with other Officers about things on the hush-hush with the rest of the alliance This was released in one of last year's patches.


Using /whisper follwed by the players name, you can send messages between only you and the other person.