City Shapes and other places in region view Edit

City Shapes Edit

Cities have different shapes if castled or uncastled and shape also changes as city score increases.

City Edit

City Lawless City Points
Icon town 01
Town 01 abandon
Icon town 02 Icon town 02 destroyed 10-99
Icon town 03 Icon town 03 destroyed 100-299
Icon town 04 Icon town 04 destroyed 300-999
Icon town 05 Icon town 05 destroyed 1000-2499
Icon town 06 Icon town 06 destroyed 2500-4999
Icon town 07 Icon town 07 destroyed 5000-7999
Icon town 08 Icon town 08 destroyed 8000 and over

Castles Edit

City with castle Lawless city with castle Points
Icon town military 01 Icon town military 01 destroyed 0-499
Icon town military 02 Icon town military 02 destroyed 500-999
Icon town military 03 Icon town military 03 destroyed 1000-2499
Icon town military 04 Icon town military 04 destroyed 2500-4999
Icon town military 05 Icon town military 05 destroyed 5000-7999
Icon town military 06 Icon town military 06 destroyed 8000 and over

Ruins Edit

Cities just before they disappear.

Icon town 01 destroyed ruins
Town military 01 destroyed ruins
Town palace 01 destroyed ruins

Dungeons Edit

Different types of dungeons. You can send raids to active dungeons.

Active dungeon Abandoned dungeon Name
Npccamp woods active Npccamp woods inactive Forest Dungeon
Npccamp hill active Npccamp hill inactive Hill Dungeon
Npccamp mountains active Npccamp mountains inactive Mountain Dungeon
Npccamp sea active Npccamp sea inactive Sea Dungeon