The World Edit

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The world is divided into a 7x7 Grid of islands. Each island is home to 100x100 squares which have either forest, hills, mountains, plains and rivers or other player cities on them.

The top left most island is referred to as 0:0, which is 0-99 X and 0-99 Y.
The island bottom right of that one is 6:6, or simply 600-699 X and 600-699 Y.


Each world is divided into a 5x5 grid of continents. World 25 , for instance, is laid out with continents 00-44.

First row 0001020304
Second row 1011121314
Third row 2021222324
Fourth row 3031323334
Fifth row 4041424344

Most players in each world refer to their location by continent and coordinates. For Example, on World 25: Continent 21, coordinates 154:296 is a tile on the southern coast. Hovering your cursor over any tile in world will reveal its continent and coordinates.

Moving from one continent to the next requires you to have access to a ship. Merchant ships for settling new cities. Sloops, frigates and war galleons for assults or sieges.

Monsters Edit

Bosses will randomly spawn in the form of dragons and other creatures. These large creatures can drop Artifacts for you to use.

Dungeons also randomly spawn and close over time as they are conquered.

Shrines and Moongates Edit

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Main article: Moongate

Every Continent has a 8 Shrines and a couple of Moongates. It has not yet been announced what Moongates are for, but Shrines (when Active) provides the Alliance that holds them with a bonus such as +10% damage by all armies in the alliance.