Chat Edit

You can chat with several people or a group of people in chatbox.

The general chat is summarized worldwide in a channel, as long it is used by less than 300 players. If limit is crossed then server divides the chat when it reaches the limit.

The following are useful commands for the chat mode are listed below:

Chat commands Edit

/ Help or / h or /? = Help Text / Say or / s = Continent Public Chat
/ AFK AFK status = Toggle on / off

The chat window Edit

The chat window is divided into three areas:

First General Edit

It works all the commands and you can chat with all the players on the continent.<

Second Alliance Edit

You can put yourself undisturbed exchange within your alliance and lead to trade agreements, for example, or attack.


You can engage in undisturbed one one to chat whisper with another player but you will miss what is going on in the world chat.


You can engage in undisturbed chats whisper with other officers but you will miss what is going on in the world chat.

Third Patch Notes Edit

A current list of recently applied updates will be displayed.

Chat Channels Edit

Display of aggregated chat channels

After login, chat gives the information about in which continent you are and which chat channels are combined with the continents.

Timestamps in the chat Edit

The chat provides the reader with a time stamp indicating the creation of the written message. This feature can be turned on in the Options menu and provided with a special color.

Formatting Edit

The chat is limited to so called BB code that format text:

  • [b] text
  • [i] text
  • [u] text
  • [s] text

Important: Any formatting extends only to a single chat line (i.e. an opening and a closing BB code per type) and does not include several lines.

Other possibilities are:

  • [alliance] Alliance name [/ alliance] - adds a link to the respective Alliance Info
  • [player] Player name [/ player] - adds a link to the Player Info
  • [city] xxx: yyy [/ city] - add a link to each city info on the coordinate xxx: yyy a
  • [w = xxx: yyy] link text [/ w] - add a link to coordinates xxx: yyy a
  • [[/ url] - insert an external link

Shortcuts Edit

Enter = Chat Access
R = Reply to last whisper