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Excerpt from the Boss Raids article:

The amount of loot you get after fighting a boss depends on several things. The division of resources (other than gold) is dependent on boss type, and there is an overall cap based on the boss's level. You can only get in total 500 resources from a Level 1 boss, 3000 for a Level 2, etc.

Whether you kill the boss or not does not influence the amount of resources gained! However, the promised artifact (if any) will only drop if you kill the boss. In addition to resources, you will gain (X*loot) gold, where X is a set factor decided by the boss level.

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To figure the maximum loot from a dungeon raid, you can set up the following calculation: Maximum Capacity of Army = (Number of units that survive)*(Loot capacity per unit sent).

Example: 25 Berserkers (capacity 10) can carry maximum total of 250 resources. Gold does not weigh anything in this game. However, it appears that you can only receive up to double your Troops' total capacity in gold.

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