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The Lord of Ultima Wiki is a web-based project aiming to become the best source of information for EA's browser-bassed MMOG, Lord of Ultima. Because The Lord of Ultima Wiki is a wiki, a free, online encyclopedia, anybody may contribute to and change The Lord of Ultima Wiki's range of articles.

The Lord of Ultima Wiki was created by Phreakwr, and went largely unused and unedited for 2 years. In June of 2012, this wiki became the new wiki, having data from the old wiki ported to it. Since that point, a lot has changed. Once Lord WilliamLazycat took over, the wiki has grown to be a good looking, and usable wiki, that unfortunately has yet to see the light of day.

This wiki is for the players of Lord of Ultima, and unlike EA, we are here to help you! We are currently seeking new administrators and bureaucrats. Those interested should apply here.