Moonstones are created by the lvl 10 Moonglow Tower and needed to create Barons, which in turn are needed to create or conquer cities. However, since the update, Purifying has replaced the Moonstone System. The information on this page, and any references to Moonstones, is therefore outdated and irrelevant for the time being.

Creating a moonstone costs 50K of each resource, and 50K gold. Unlike other building and recruiting, creating a moonstone happens instantly.

As you create more moonstones, your player title/rank increases as well


You just need increasingly more Moonstones to create the next Baron.
1 MS = 1 Baron
3 MS = 2 Barons (+2 stones needed)
6 MS = 3 Barons (+3 stones needed)
10 MS = 4 Barons (+4 stones needed)
15 MS = 5 Barons (+5 stones needed)
21 MS = 6 Barons (+6 stones needed)
28 MS = 7 Barons (+7 stones needed)<

Each time you create a Moonstone, it is yours to keep and it is NOT consumed.
To create your first Baron, you need to have 1 Moonstone made already.
Your second Baron, requires that you have a total of 3 Moonstones made.
The moonstones are shared across all your empire.

So you do NOT need to have a level 10 Moonglow tower in the city that you made the Baron from.
Just make sure you have the required moonstone, and the level 10 temple.

Before, to find out how many Moonstones you have so far, click on your level 10 Moonglow tower. (not available anymore).}}