Mage tower repaint

At least one Moonglow Tower at Level 10 in your city is required to purify resources.

  • Purified resources are made by having a level 10 moonglow tower in the city.
  • Each 1,000 of normal resource equals to 1 purified resource.
  • Purified resources are held empire wide like gold. If you create darkwood in one city you can add it to darkwood from another city.
  • Purified resources can't be plundered.
  • Purified resources can also be gained as combat reward.

The four purified resources are:

  • Darkwood - Requires 1000 wood
  • Runestone - Requires 1000 stone
  • Veritum - Requires 1000 iron
  • Trueseed - Requires 1000 food.

Purified Resources are used for research and increasing player titles.

Research Edit

The purified resources are then used in research to increase stats for your units in the game.
The higher the level of research you go the more purified resources you need.

For example:
Infantry troops : Travel Speed level 1 = 500 Trueseed
Infantry troops : Travel Speed Level 2 = 1,500 Trueseed