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External Tools and Extensions Edit

There are many great tools that are publicly available. This page tries to collect information in one place so everyone can find them easily.

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City Planners Edit

Hexist's Flash City Planner, Optimizer, and Calculator Edit


Loof78's City Calculator Edit


Catfud's Flash City Planner Edit

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Nova's City Planner (for Windows) Edit

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Rangur's City Creator Edit

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Gulbenkian's City Integrated Planner, Editor and Konfigurator Edit

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Extensions Edit

LoU Tweak Edit

site(current v1.7.1)
post(current v1.7.1)

LoU BOS Edit

update site(current v1.6.0)
original post(last v1.3.1)

LoU Zoom Edit

site(current v0.6.2)

LoU Baron Bar Edit

original site(last v2.0.8)
updated post(current v3.0.15)

FF extension - summary of all cities Edit

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ArchInquisitor's Combat Calculator Edit

Windows download

One Defiant Extension Edit

One Defiant Extension, or The Defiant (TDK) Extension, is a browser extension built for The Defiant alliance on World 24 of Lord of Ultima. It was originally created for the Palace team to make it easier to collect enlightenment information but has since expanded to include other features.

Other Edit

Tools for LoU - empire viewer Edit

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EA's Combat Calculator Edit

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