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In Lord of Ultima, it is possible to trade with other players. A trade can be carried out by the sale of resources or by direct delivery in a city. The resources are transported by land or sea.

Transport Edit

Icon cart city info Trade Carts Edit

Carts are used to transport goods on a continent. The number of carts is based on the number of market places and their level. A Level 10 Marketplace has 200 carts. One Cart can carry up to 1000 resources. Carts move at 10 minutes per field.

Icon ship city infoTrade Ships Edit

Trade Ships are used to transport resources by sea. The number of Trade Ships depends on the number of harbors and their level. A Level 10 Harbour has 30 Trade Ships. A Trade Ship can carry 10,000 resources. A Trade Ship moves at 5 minutes per field; they also require one hour loading time. The return trip also requires this extra one hour of time, presumably for unloading.

Harbours can only be built in Cities that have water access, i.e., Cities that are located on the coast or next to a river. However, a City located on the corner where a river changes compass direction away from a city (i.e., on the outside corner of a river bend), doesn't have water access. If a City does have water access, building spots for Harbours are in the bottom, right-hand corner of the City. Harbours are built in water spots next to the coast and there are a maximum of eight slots.

Trade View Edit

Send Resources Edit

Sending reesources to a city of another player selected via Region view or entered coordinates.

Own OffersEdit

Market offers placed by you.

Other OffersEdit

Market offers placed by others, sortable by resource or available offers.

Request Resources Edit

Shows resources available in your cities and allows you to request themn to be shipped to your currently selected city.